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Nevin has been active in the conservative movement his entire adult life. His dedication to the wisdom of the Federalist Papers has shaped his disciplined approach to civic engagement.

He graduated from UNCW in 2005, and again in 2007 with a master’s degree, and has lived in New Hanover County for 16 years. His career has provided him experience in public accounting and product development.

In 2009, Nevin became active in the TEA party where he served as a delegate and worked to identify and help get conservative candidates elected. From 2016 to 2018 Nevin served as the District Captain in Southeastern North Carolina for the Convention of States. In early 2022 he worked with Tide Turners NC as the Volunteer Coordinator. Presently, he serves as a Precinct Chair in New Hanover County.

Nevin believes the Republican Party must become the most effective vehicle for advancing the conservative agenda. After decades of forfeiting liberty to the Democrats under a culture of surrender led by certain Republican leaders, Nevin maintained his resolve and remained persistent. Rather than continue to advance the conservative agenda from outside the Republican Party, he decided to join the NHC GOP and serve as a Precinct Chair in 2022 in hopes that with greater involvement from conservatives, the GOP can become a trustworthy, reliable organization that serves the conservative movement.

Proven Leadership for the New Hanover County Republican Party

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